Uw zelfreinigende oplossing!

Petree Cube

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Uw zelfreinigende oplossing!

Petree Cube

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200+ Satisfied customers

The self-cleaning litter box from Petree


Very good!

Very good! Our cats all love this product! This is the best cat toilet we have used!


Extremely satisfied!

I am satisfied with this litter box! It works well and our cat is very happy with it. Handy for not having to shovel anymore.



Finally a litter box that scoops itself. Super simple and practical. Handy that it stands on legs.


Practical and easy-to-use litter box

Great litter box for kittens to older cats. Easy to use, with a good overview in the app.


Very satisfied

I was completely fed up with changing the litter box. Switching to this litter box has been a great solution

"Extremely nice litter box that self-cleans very well"


"I'm free from the unpleasant smells of the old litter box"

- Markkoers.

"What a fantastic device this is!"


Smart, Safe & Efficient!

Experience the new standard in cat care with the Petree Cube: advanced self-cleaning, unparalleled safety technology and seamless compatibility with any cat litter.

Maximum safety

Features infrared sensors, microwave radar and a "self-control" system for optimal safety of your cat.

Automatic cleaning

Intelligent self-cleaning with app control for iOS & Android, litter alerts and health stats.

Odor-free design

Built-in anti-odor spray and easily dismantled design guarantee a fresh and odor-free environment.

Flexible filling

Suitable for any type of clumping cat litter, from bentonite to ore sand.

Manual & Automatic

The Petree Cube has an extensive app & WiFi, so you can also operate the system yourself.

Be notified of a lack of cat litter, or a waste drawer that is too full.

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Eliminate all odors

During the self-cleaning process, the built-in anti-odor spray deodorizes and disinfects the Cube.

Double purification, which immediately eliminates all odors.

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Safety first!

The Petree Cube has the latest features to offer the highest level of safety to your cat!

Should your cat approach during the automatic cleaning process? The sensors are then activated and the process stops immediately.

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Petree Cube - Black Edition

Bring elegance into your home with the self-cleaning solution for your cat, now in beautiful black!

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Safety sensors

Sensors detect your cat and ensure safe, trouble-free cleaning.

Automatic cleaning

Automatic cleaning for an always clean, low-maintenance litter box.

Innovative Waste Drawer

The waste drawer collects waste for easy, hygienic disposal.


Safety is our priority


Capacity of no less than

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